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From Louis Suarez-Potts <>
Subject Re: Can we rationalize and formalize "a language project"?
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 18:04:09 GMT
Hi all,

On 2011-06-17, at 13:59 , Ian Lynch wrote:

> On 17 June 2011 18:50, Manfred A. Reiter <> wrote:
>> Hi Ingrid, *,
>> Am 17.06.2011 17:44, schrieb IngridvdM:
>> My understanding is that this contradicts the principles of the Apache
>>>> way, because choosing to talk in a native language other than English is
>>>> excluding most others from their possibility to participate.
>>> And if you have only english speaking list, you are excluding a mass of
>> german, brasilian,
>> spanish, japanes people how contributed to the project in a very good way
>> during the
>> last years.
>> IHMO it is evident, that we need
>> So I would like to suggest that we use English on all mailing lists at
>>> Apache, also for the language/region specific tasks. Opinions? Or is this
>>> anyhow self-evident and not worth a note?
>> It is self-evident, that the core has to be in englisch, even if it is BSE.
> And because us English are not as good at languages as everyone else ;-)
> IMHO it is self-evident, that we need languages lists - at least for

Let's draw some necessary boundaries, as we did with OOo on this issue. The native language
projects operated as *informational* resources, not where *development* took place. ALL development
was (and continues to be) in English. But information on specific requests related to use
and how-to contribute, as well as incidental discussions, were encouraged to be in the person's
native language in these sub-projects.  

The point was to promote regional and linguistic engagement and growth.

But, should discussions become related to development, then the point of having the native-language
projects would be lost, as the group kept in the "dark" would be all those tens of thousands
who do not speak the native language in question.

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