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From "Pedro F. Giffuni" <>
Subject Re: Some more strange files in the OOo code
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 21:05:01 GMT
Hi again;

I went through Mathias' list of external source tarballs.
The idea is to make sure that most of that stuff was updated
in FreeBSD and while doing that I checked the licenses.

I found the following licenses missing from the
"ApacheMigration" list in the OOo wiki:

Name			Version	license
Beanshell (bsh)		20b4	LGPL/Sun Public License
gdk-pixbuf		2.23.5	LGPL
gentiumbasic-fonts	1.1	SIL
gettext			1.18.1	LGPL
glibc-??			LGPL
jaf			1.1.1	Javabeans(?)
jakarta-tomcat		5.5.33	ASL
javamail		1.4.4	CDDL-1.0, GPL
mysql-connector		1.1.0	GPL
pixman			0.22.0	MIT?
python			2.6.7	PSF (permissive)
rhino			1.7R3	MPL/GPL
sac			1.3	W3C (permissive)
saxon	MPL?

Note that some of them are also outdated. More
outdated tarballs independent of the license) and
the version *I* recommend are listed here:

commons-codec		1.5
common-httpclient	obsoleted by httpcomponents
commons-lang		2.6
EPM			4.2
hsqldb			1.8.1
hunspell		1.2.11
icu			4.6.1
libgsf			1.14.21
lucene			2.9.4
raptor			1.4.21
rasqal			0.9.20
redland			1.0.12
STLport			5.1.7
seamonkey		2.1 (1.x insecure)
vigra			1.7
xmlsec1			1.2.18

Of course it doesn't make sense to update copyleft
stuff, but it's good to have reference version values
for optional extensions.



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