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From Jean Hollis Weber <>
Subject Re: Consequences of Working in Office Documents Here
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 09:55:29 GMT
On Wed, 2011-06-22 at 04:34 -0400, Greg Stein wrote:
> Well... what are different ways for people to contribute, other than
> code? Let me throw out some:
> * work with users (forums, email, etc)
> * write documentation
> * issue tracker triage and management
> * outreach: marketing, meetups, etc
> I'm sure that some aspects are missing, but most of that work is
> interaction. Where documents need to be produced, they are most likely
> to be wiki pages or HTML, for easiest and broadest consumption.
> This is just a stab at the issue. I recognize the underlying point:
> how to bring people who are comfortable working with binary-based
> documents (hey! OO.o!!) into an ecosystem that has text in its DNA? I
> don't know where the answer is, other than "learn text". I hope that
> with examining what our true outputs are, we can focus on those, and
> find a path that works for the community.

At OOo, the source documents for the *user guides* (in English) are
produced and maintained in ODT, with both ODT and PDF versions provided
to users through the wiki. In the past, the user guides were also
provided in wiki format (generated from the ODT source), but that hasn't
been updated since OOo3.2. Some other user docs (faqs, some howtos, etc)
are in wiki format only. And three books (Developers Guide, Programmers
Guide, Admin Guide) have their source on the wiki, with ODT and PDF
versions generated occasionally from the source.


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