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From drew <>
Subject Re: User facing web items
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2011 18:19:36 GMT
Hello Eric,

Well, for those that don't know - a while back I offered to run a site
for the educoo project

I registered it, started it and for reasons that have nothing to do with
Eric or anyone beyond myself and my own problems totally failed to
maintain it - well beyond any point of fairness to them.

I screwed them over pretty good in other words.

To Eric, and the rest of the good folks in your project:

You have my apology for that.

I can't undue history unfortunately. The domain has been redirecting to
your main site for a while and as I said in a private email to you a
while back I will most happily transfer it to anyone you like.

As for the OO.o forums - IIRC correctly, you and I had conversations
specifically about setting up forums, at the time you had forums on the
main site and wanted to keep them there.

As to the two product names not being in the header string on the OO.o
forum, I don't think there is any reason.

However I just posted a note to the administrative board at the en site
asking if people would have a problem dong so, I doubt they will. With
regards to your creating an account, there are at times problems with
some mail service providers in France - the folks at the forums would
I'm sure be happy to work through any issue with you.

Lastly - you all have a chance here to create something new, not just
recreate the old, but often (almost always) to get to someplace new you
have to first being willing to let go of the old.

Best wishes,

Drew Jensen

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