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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Native Language vs l10n
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2011 09:23:11 GMT
Manfred A. Reiter wrote:
> I would also avoid to deny those language projects to be
> seperated from ... in other words /home should
> be at and not

Right (the example; the wording above seems to say the opposite): the
native-lang projects are part of

The Italian N-L project, for example, takes care of:
- Translating OOo into Italian (a few liaison persons keep contacts
  with the global l10n project, and coordinate volunteers on the
  Italian N-L mailing list)
- Releasing OOo in Italian by means of QA approval (same structure)
- Mutual support between users in Italian (mailing list and forum
  in Italian on the OOo infrastructure)
- A web site with product information in Italian.

I think there should be a place for this in the new infrastructure.

About other activities:
- Maintaining the Italian writing aids is done by me and PLIO, the
  Italian association, and could continue like this.
- Italian developers interested in core work write in English on the
  English mailing lists.
- Media relations, events and fund-raising are managed through PLIO and
  this, again, could continue like this.

So we are basically using the OOo infrastructure for activities related
to the language and (besides writing aids) we use the PLIO
infrastructure for the rest.


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