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From Jean Hollis Weber <>
Subject RE: Podling website
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:01:15 GMT
On Thu, 2011-06-16 at 16:07 +1000, Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
> Dennis Hamilton wrote:
> > The Libre Office documentation team is using Alfresco.  Not sure they
> > are doing anything beyond using the document-management features,
> > although there is web content management there too.
> >
> > Jean Hollis Weber has direct experience that might be useful.
> The LibreOffice docs team is using Alfresco to manage the user guides
> and a few other items that are in .ODT format. I didn't choose Alfresco,
> and I know very little about its capabilities beyond the few functions I
> use. 

More info: For both OOo and LibO, the website where user documentation
is produced is not the same as the website where those docs are made
available to the users (although users can also access the production
website). For OOo, user guides in several languages are produced through
the website, which is Plone-based; a bit clunky, but it
works for us. For LibO, the production site for English documentation is
Alfresco-based. However, some language groups are using the ODFAuthors
site instead of the Alfresco site for LibO docs.

The ODFAuthors website will remain available for use by people producing
user docs for ApacheOOo, should documentors choose to use it. Indeed, it
is available to any group producing docs for open source programs that
support the OpenDocuments formats.

IMO mixing production and delivery on the same site leads to confusion
for ordinary users (and sometimes for the docs producers as well). If
both production and delivery are kept on one website, there needs to be
clear separate between the two. 

Published OOo docs (in ODT and PDF formats) are delivered through the
OOo wiki. We also have wiki versions of the user docs for OOo 3.2 and
earlier, but due to lack of people to do the work, further wiki versions
have not been produced.

Published LibO docs (in ODT and PDF formats) are delivered through the
TDF wiki and the LibO website (via links to the wiki). No wiki versions
have been produced.

In contrast, docs for developers and programmers have been maintained on
the wiki as the source, with ODT and PDF versions being occasionally


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