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From Jean Hollis Weber <>
Subject Re: Proposed short term goals
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 05:46:54 GMT
On Monday, 13 June 2011, Rob Weir wrote,
> As I understood it, Oracle was going to give the domain name, as well
> as the trademark, to Apache.  But this was not part of the SGA.
> As for what happens to it, the proposal, which was just approved,
> suggested taking the contents of the current, Oracle-hosted website
> and dividing it into two chunks:
> 1) The pieces that are project-oriented, i.e., the parts that are used
> to coordinate the development of the releases, would be mapped to
> their equivalents in the Apache project infrastructure.  Since these
> tend to be accessed only by those who are working on the code, a
> relatively small number of people (<500), we don't have the issue of
> breaking large numbers of external URLs.
> 2) The pieces that are directly user-facing, e.g., the user support
> formulas, the releases, the tutorials, the FAQ's, etc., would be
> preserved, at the URL level, if possible (via redirects as needed), on
> a new website.  Since the user facing content has many
> thousands of third party links to it, it is important that this be
> preserved, if at all possible.
> In other words, I think the developers on this project, we can take
> some disruption as things move around and find new homes.  But we can
> not assume the same of the users, and especially the fragility of the
> network of links incoming to  If we can transition the
> user-facing services on the website without a hiccup, that would be
> perfect.

I totally agree, and I think maintaining the user-facing services with
little or no disruption is essential. Some of those services seriously
need to be improved, updated, rationalised, and so on, but that's a
separate exercise and can be done later. Planning now is good (see
separate note).

The documentation area in particular is in need of improvement, and I'll
have a lot to say about that later. 


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