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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Source format for user guides
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 03:35:52 GMT
I'm only going to step into the middle of this for a second and then make a hasty withdrawal.

Please keep them CC-BY.  That is permissive. CC-SA is like a copyleft, and you already handle
that with dual licensing if that is what you continue to do.  

You could also use ALv2 since it is more like CC-BY and it covers all kinds of copyrightable
material, not just code.  But I would honor your past contributors and not change a thing.

 - Dennis

I'm an old dog. It is not that I can't learn new tricks, but I figure life is too short to
have to learn the old trick in new clothes over and over again when the old trick still works.

Although I am committed to becoming fluent in the Apache work processes, I consider it quite
daunting to learn them.  The learning curve is frightening and for those without the geek
chromosome, terrifying.  Nobody likes being forced into a situation where they will feel incompetent,
especially when they have an approach that worked fine and they are already adept with and
have no idea what is the point of the gauntlet they must risk to join this club.

I figured out the reason that my Tai Chi lesson was so stressful on Friday (it is my 5th hour),
was I still can't envision what I'm doing or where the Tai Chi is going - it is *worse* than
learning to ride a bike, and I was stressed about it -- not the point of Tai Chi, I'm promised.
 So, the journey does not look like the destination.  I then realized how I was so stressed
about it because the rest of my day is the same way as I struggle with all there is to get
about functioning on the Apache (another journey that does not resemble the
destination, but I must work to remind myself), and Tai Chi was no respite.  (Silver Sneakers
exercise I can do and I very much look forward to resumption on Monday.)

Somewhere there is a lesson about those who love creating the next shiny thing and demonstrating
their Mars-language chops and the unfortunate souls who attempt to use those sparkling creations
to get some work done in the course of their day without going home, kicking the dog, and
snarling at the kids.  Or vice versa.

Whew.  OK, nothing to see here.  Move along ... .

-----Original Message-----
From: Jean Hollis Weber [] 
Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2011 19:43
Subject: Re: Source format for user guides

On Sun, 2011-06-26 at 21:45 -0400, Rob Weir wrote:
[ ... ]
> Can you clarify, please?  Is the intent to make ODFAuthors be part of
> the Apache OpenOffice project, e.g. run on Apache servers with
> PMC-elected committers having write access, other contributing authors
> submitting patches before being eventually voted in as committers, all
> working in the Apache project lists, transparently, with all work
> under the Apache license, with the PMC setting overall direction and
> approving releases?
> Is that the idea?  If so, this would be great.
> -Rob

No. None of the above is the intent. ODFAuthors is, and intends to
remain, independent. Some variation on our existing workflow and
procedures could certainly be accommodated. For example, OOo-related
discussion could be carried out on a mailing list at Apache instead of
on the existing list at OOo (or the ODFAuthors list), and "release
candidates" of user guide chapters could be approved by the PMC.

At present, the ODFAuthors lists and website are open and anyone can
comment, contribute, review docs, etc. It's a convenient, easy way for
people to participate in what is, effectively, community documentation.

The existing OOo user guides are dual-licensed, with one of the licenses
being CC-BY. If that license does not fit with Apache (is CC-BY-SA
required?), I'm not sure what to do; I'm far from an expert on
licensing. Getting agreement from all the contributors to the existing
docs would be impossible; many of them can't be found and/or are dead.


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