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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject INITIAL COMMITTERS: WAITING for Your ID? Where's Your CLA?
Date Sat, 25 Jun 2011 23:16:12 GMT
Initial Committers for the Apache podling are those individuals listed as Initial
Committers on the incubator proposal immediately before voting to accept the incubator proposal

There is a FAQ about the PPMC for the Apache podling at
<>.  Check the section "I Was
Invited/Voted As Committer, So What's Next".  


For Initial Committers, and only Initial Committers, you are automatically an Invited Committer,
even though you may not have received any direct invitation.

If an Invited Committer has not provided an iCLA, that is the next step.  Initial Committers
who will not be providing an iCLA for any reason should advise the PPMC at
 Please communicate using the e-mail address listed with your name on the Initial Committer
list so we know it is you.

Invited Committers whose iCLAs have been registered will receive an e-mail requesting their
preferences for an Apache user name (a Unix user ID).  Depending on how the iCLA is transmitted,
it can take one week or longer before the iCLA is registered.  

Invited Committers and anyone else who provides a CLA can check whether it has been registered
in the Unlisted CLA section of the "ASF Committers by ID" page: <>.
"Unlisted CLA" identifies people who have registered CLAs but do not have Apache IDs (yet).
 Any contributor can register a CLA.

Invited Committers will receive an e-mail shortly after the CLA is registered.  This e-mail
will provide instructions for Step 2 of the procedure, choosing a preferred Apache user name
(a Unix account ID).


If you know that your CLA has been registered and you have not received any further communication,
please contact the PPMC.  

If you have any concerns about this or any subsequent stage for being set up as a committer,
please contact the PPMC.  

The PPMC e-mail address is  


If you are an Initial Committer and the name or the e-mail on your CLA is different than on
the Incubator Proposal, we might not notice that you are the Initial Committer we are expecting.

Please communicate using an e-mail address that we will recognize you by.  If your Initial
Committer e-mail address on the Incubator Proposal is different than the e-mail address on
your CLA, please use the first and confirm both so we can reconcile the difference with you.
 Also, if there are differences in your name on the Incubator Proposal and on the CLA, we
need to know that also.

 - for the Apache PPMC

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