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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Native Language vs l10n
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2011 22:08:45 GMT
Hello, Khirano-san (that OK with nickname/UserID?),

   > I see ja project issues in the combined Bugzilla issue tracker.
   > The SVN and Bugzilla infrastructure seems to be in English.
   > Could this work separately?

   Sorry but I don't see what "this work" is.  Which work? :)

I was wondering if SVN and Bugzilla infrastructure could be in separate Internet site from
Japanese Language Project (or vice versa).  I think you answered well with later question.

Thank you for your detailed response.  It is very helpful.


 - Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: Kazunari Hirano [] 
Sent: Saturday, June 18, 2011 13:50
Subject: Re: Native Language vs l10n

Hi Dennis and all,

I would like to answer Dennis' questions :)

On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 5:30 AM, Dennis E. Hamilton
<> wrote:
> On ooo-dev we are talking now about how to support language communities.


> Please help my understanding.  I am ignorant.  I have too many questions.  Answer in
parts may be good.

I am happy to answer your questions.

> Does the Japanese Language Project do any work to prepare distributions for the Japanese
Language community?  Could it do so?

Yes, we do, and Yes, we could if we have enough resources to do it.
As you may know, "distributions" doesn't mean just building installsets and langpacks and uploading them to the
and say "Use it!" :)

I am proud of ja members maintaining this page :)

The most recent entry is 13-Apr-2011,   OOo 3.4 beta, OOO340_m0, as you see.
The most recent stable version 3.3.0 was released on 27-Jan-2011.
Now can you find when 3.3.0 beta1 was released?
It was on 10-Aug-2010, OOo-Dev 3.3.0 beta1, OOO330_m3, as you see.
Between the 3.3.0 beta1 (27-Jan-2011) and the 3.3.0 release
(10-Aug-2010), how many RCs do you count?
RC is Release Candidate :)  Did you count RC10? Good.  You are correct :)
RC10!  During RC time we did QA (Quality Assurance) tests.
We made clear when who does and did what (excerpt):
1. Ja QA manager appointed, 2009/8/3
2. 3.3.0 QA wiki page created, 2010/10/19
3. 3.3.0 QA forum set up, 2010/10/19
4. Release stopper issue noticed, 2010/10/18
5. Release candidate builds noticed, 2010/10/20, 10/26
6. Submit builds to QATrack, 2010/10/23
7. Call for QA testers (volunteers), 2010/10/27
8. QA IRC meeting
9. QA test started
10, QA test results reported, 2011/1/30
11. Distribution request issue filed, 2011/1/30
12. Announce the end of QA test at the forum
13. Announce the end of QA test to the ja announce list
14. 3.3.0 release announcement draft, 2011/1/30
15. Translate 3.3.0 English PR and announce it, 2011/2/1
16. Update the Ja download page, 2011/2/2
17. Update the Ja top page, 2011/2/2
18. Confirm the download page and the top page work well, 2011/2/2
19. Annouce 3.3.0 ja release at, 2011/2/2
20. Confirm the ja update page at
21. Add the 3.3.0 QA to Ja QA history on

We used many tools such as Issue Tracker, Mailing lists, Forum,
QATrack, QUASTe, WIKI, TCM to have QA works done and release quality 3.3.0 Japanese builds, installsets and langpacks.
If you want to learn about  tools above, go to
And 3.3.0 ja QA test matrix here.
We were lucky when we did 3.3.0 QA because we had many testers
(volunteers) and we had a vigorous QA manager.
The Japanese Language Project can do some work to prepare
distributions for the Japanese Language community if we have tools on
a stable infrastructure and we are lucky enough to get resources

> Does it provide the translation work for the distribution?

Yes, we do.
We provided the translation for 3.3.0
We couldn't provide the translation for 3.4.0 because
we had no resource.

> Is all of the release internationalization done in the language pack?
If you mean localization of User Interface and Online Help, yes they
are in the language pack.
We translate them into our native language on Pootle.

> I see
> I see SVN subtree for the JA language project.
> I see ja project issues in the combined Bugzilla issue tracker.
> The SVN and Bugzilla infrastructure seems to be in English.
> Could this work separately?

Sorry but I don't see what "this work" is.  Which work? :)

> I also see
> I think this is mirror of
> Yes?

I think is
also one of mirror sites.

> What is your thinking about parts of Japanese language project working separate from
Apache development?  About coordination of language pack and Apache release and QA?  About
ways to avoid delays in release to users in language communities?

I don't know the separation works :)

If you take a look at the directory in the mirror, you will find the
following builds.

We QA-tested them and approved them to be released and uploaded to the server.

You see three kinds of builds for each platform.
_install-wJRE_ja, _install_ja and _langpack_ja.
_langpack_ja is integrated in _install-wJRE_ja and _install_ja.

I think a "language project" as a whole should get involved in Apache
release and QA.


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