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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject INVITED/INITIAL COMMITTERS: I sent in my iCLA, Now Where's My ID?
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2011 18:44:58 GMT

After the iCLA is registered for an Invited/Initial Committer, there will be an e-mail about
establishing an Apache user name.  Creation of the Apache ID is initiated by reply to that

If you believe you should have received such an e-mail by now, first check the Long Version
and/or communicate your concern to

 - Dennis


	1. iCLA First
	2. Providing Your Apache User Name Preferences
	3. Playing Along at Home


When a newly-invited committers submit their iCLA, the PPMC will watch for its arrival and
being registered.  

The invitee may also receive a confirmation of that receipt, often with a request that the
appropriate PMC be notified.  For the Apache incubator, that is the PPMC, with
contact via

Individuals with registered iCLAs and no Apache user name yet are named on this web page:

You can look for your own name to appear there.  Being "Unlisted" is for those having no Apache
user name (yet).  (Note, any contributor can register an iCLA.  It can expedite contributions
that are too substantial to be accepted without one.  CCLAs may appear there too.)


When it is noticed that an invitee's iCLA is registered, an invitee will receive an e-mail
along these lines:


     Your ICLA is on file.
	The next step is to request an ID:

	Please reply with a list of preferred userids.
	I encourage you to check the following page
	to verify that the ids you list have not 
	already been taken:

	Thanks, and welcome aboard!

	 - The Apache Podling PMC

Unless you choose not to take this step (please reply if that is the case also), you will
wait what seems like another eternity until you receive an email from providing
the actual ID, an initial password, and indicating further actions with your new ID.


Communications about your status are private.  If it seems that too much time has passed and
you are concerned that information from you has been received and acted upon, please communicate
with the PPMC via

You can follow the general progress of setting up committers by checking the occasional "box
score" posted to this list.  Here is one that is relatively current as of 

  # state		next action

  0 invite      committer/PPMC 
                invitation pending			
  0 accepted?   waiting for acceptance 
                and initiating next steps			
 31 iCLA?       waiting for CLA; all 31 
                sent e-mail reminders 6/23			
  0 choose ID   Invite to choose ID			
  4 ID chosen?  waiting for choice of ID 			
  9 ID pending  ID account creation and 
                addition as committer			
 19 PPMC?       waiting for acceptance of
                invitation to serve on PPMC			
 35 complete    nothing further required			
  3 other       some special completion 
                cases: declined, etc.			


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From: [] On Behalf Of Alexandro Colorado
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2011 12:30
Subject: Re: CORRECTION [REQUEST] Initial Committers Please Confirm PPMC Participation.

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I have got reply from the ICLA but I still not sure how to proceed with the SVN access. As
it now, I still dont have any password for it. I did read the docs at apache and found little
about how to get your user/pwd assigned. 

Most projects you just need to upload your public ssh/gpg key and get it signed. 

[ ... ]

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