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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [REQUEST] No more changes to Incubator Proposal Please
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2011 16:04:14 GMT
The current version of the Incubator Proposal is currently stable as it was at the conclusion
of the voting to accept the Podling into the Incubator Project.
<>.  Earlier today, a small change
to the page led to the Initial Committer table being damaged.  I noticed and I have reverted
the page to its previous state.  (I apologize for stepping on someone else's changes, but
I didn't want to leave the altered page visible any longer than necessary.)

It is unnecessary to alter the proposal wiki page further.  Please think of it as a snapshot
of where we stood at the time, whatever the iCLA status was, whatever the names and e-mails
for Initial Committers were, etc.

The Podling now has its own status page that lists committers and other change in status:
<>.  Other information is reported
on our two Podling pages and our Podling web site, as well as late-breaking news 24/7 right
here on ooo-Dev [;<).

 - Dennis


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