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From Louis Suarez-Potts <>
Subject Native Language vs l10n
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 18:21:38 GMT
In going over the archives, it occurred to me that a small clarification would be useful.

In OOo-land, we had two sorts of language projects. We had the classic l10n/i18n, which dealt
with localization and internationalization. We also had "native-language" projects. 

This second sort set up heterotopias where discussions related to joining, contributing, using could take place in the person's native language. The idea was to expedite
the learning processes and to promote OOo among these linguistic groups, as well as in the
regions where the language dominated. 

The NL projects (which were later named, "native language confederation") were immensely successful
and operated as one of the best marketing and promotion efforts ever. :-)

I see compelling reasons to retain this structure, therefore, as the enduser (of varying degrees
of sophistication) benefits immensely from these projects. What's more, the contributor who
may later become a developer, also benefits, as the native-language projects lower the bar
and make it easier to join the community.

Given the codebase, and given our hopes here, to have a vibrant and sustainable community
within Apache, I think the inclusion of these sorts of native language projects is important,
and I urge their establishment.


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