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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > OpenOffice Conference 2012
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 14:54:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: OpenOffice Conference 2012 (

Edited by Don Harbison:
h2. Introduction

The Apache OpenOffice project has the opportunity to propose and manage a 'conference within
a conference' as proposed on May 8th. \[[1]\]
On the apachecon-discuss list there is a more extensive discussion covering the broader ApacheCON
EU topic. \[[2]\]

For the overall ApacheCON there is space for about 500 people. There are over three levels
of meeting space in the Arena. One level can hold either 300 in  one track, or 3*100 tracks,
the other either 200 or 2*100.

Audiences may gather on multiple levels, and share a common stage/screen for viewing. This
would be ideal for keynotes and larger sessions.

I made a proposal for an 'OpenOffice Conference' on the apachecon-dicuss list..within the
ApacheCON EU overall conference, or a 'Conference-within-a-Conference' concept. \[3\]

Today, June 20th, I responded to an invitation on the Apachecon-discuss list to submit a proposal
for our 'track', as 'Conference-within-a-Conference'. \[4\]  You can see
the results of my submission and others collected in a Google Doc here.\[5\]

Please take a look at this proposal. It is just that a 'proposal' intended to get out planning
process more fully engaged. Everything I submitted is open to edit/change/add/delete etc.
You will see that I self-nominated to be Chair and asked Juergen Schmidt if he would be the
'backup chair', or Co-Chair. We are placeholders in these roles for now subject to the community's

Many of us have attended past conferences and have a good understanding of
what worked well, and what did not. Since this opportunity depends on this project community
stepping up, we must act efficiently and make this happen. Given that many of us will be taking
our summer holidays (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway\!), please engage in this planning
process now.

[1] []
[2] []
[3] []
[4] []
[5] []
[6] []
[7] []

h2. Venue

SAP is hosting the ApacheCON EU at their Rhein-Neckar-Arnena in Sinsheim 


This is a HUGE facility, as you can see. 

h2. Proposed Sessions

We may be better served to consider two 'tracks' within our overall OpenOffice programme.
This proposal presents what a Technical and User track might look like. Obviously the content
for each track will depend entirely on responses to the CFP that are selected.

|| Technical || Comments || User || Comments ||
| Core Components | Writer, Calc, etc. | Deployment | I/T audience; addresses how to efficiently
deploy OpenOffice for arge user communities |
| Quality Engineering | Build, Test Debugging processes and techniques | End User Support
| Including documentation; fora |
| Translation | Pootle skills; tips and techniques | Training | |
| Documentation | Invite ODF Authors; those with previous experience to present | Marketing
| Re-boot the Strategic Marketing Plan |
| Programmability | UNO APIs; other approaches; | Community Development | For the project;
Worldwide; Local Country (Opportunity for Italy, or other ctry to share) |
| Web Site | Technical aspects | Web Site | Marketing Aspects |
| User Experience Design | OpenSource UxD methods and process. | Other \\ | We could run a
variety of design exploration, validation and evaluation activities. Capture feedback on current
offering, and validate design direction of future capabilities or visual signature. \\ |

h2. CFP

We are still waiting for the ConComm to start the CFP process. In the meantime, Ross, as our
mentor, is offering to support this proposal and is encouraging us to move forward with our
planning. \[6\]

The ASF announced the opening for the CFP \[7\]

Proposals may be submitted via the new ApacheCon web site: [|]

ConComm has contracted with Open Bastion for managing the ApacheCON North America event. They
may become involved in the EU event as well, and/or share a common system for managing the
CFP process. It's not clear at this time.

h2. Open Issues

h3. Budget

It has been confirmed that the SPI funds have been received by Fundraising@. These funds are
earmarked for the OpenOffice project. They may be applied to support the needs of this event,
including TAC funding for a limited number of applicants. For example, we could decide to
produce custom Apache OpenOffice T-shirts; banners; signage; refreshments for a breakout /
hacking room, etc.

We will need to develop a budget and a procedure for disbursement that meets the approval
of the PPMC.

h3. CFP Jury

Engage with the ApacheCON team and volunteer to jury the submissions. 

h3. Coordinate with Complementary Projects?

In my submission I suggested that there be an effort to coordinate and schedule sessions in
such a way as to encourage cross-project 'pollination'.  In this fashion, OpenOffice
becomes better integrated in the overall ApacheCON content flow. We may also help volunteer
to aggregate sessions along the lines of 'Document & Content Technologies'. For example:

Document & Content Stores

* Chemistry
* Jackrabbit


* ODF Toolkit
* Tika
* PDFbox

Social Frameworks

* Rave
* Wookie
* Shindig
* OpenMeetings


h2. Call to Action

We need an active group of volunteers to engage on ApacheCON Europe and his proposal to build
and run a 'Conference-within-a-Conference'. 

Volunteers must be committed to the effort it will require to make this happen. These are
some of the people who have expressed an active interest to become directly involved.

The following community members have 'raised their hand', so to speak. I am volunteering to
chair the effort with Juergen as Co-chair, subject to the community's approval.

Don Harbison, Proposed Chair

Juergen Schmidt, Proposed Co-Chair

Roberto Galoppini

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann

Christian Grobmeier

Eric Otchet

Helen Yue

Andrea Pescetti

Kevin Grignon

Let's continue to use this wiki to shape the plan.

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