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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Help Wanted
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 23:13:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Help Wanted (

Edited by Kay Schenk:
We are looking for volunteers to do the following tasks. But please do not feel limited to
these items.   For inspiration on other ideas we recommend reading "[14
Ways to Contribute to Open Source without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star|]."

If you are interested in working on any of these items, please send a  note to the
list and we can give you hints  on how to accomplish the task.

h2. Easy

# *Submit feedback about the product or website(s).* Subscribe to the [users mailing list|]
or the
[developer mailing list|]. Skills needed: e-mail.
# *Submit problem reports about the product or website(s)*. Register for a an [Apache OpenOffice
Bugzilla|] account and submit an
"issue". Skills needed: ability to learn Bugzilla.
# *Help existing users*. Skills needed: a working knowledge of OpenOffice, and a desire to
help other users. Subscribe to the [users mailing list|],
or join the [support forum|].
# *Test Developer Builds*. See [the source code page|]
for more information on testing developer builds. The easiest way to test is to use "Full
Installation Sets" for your OS environment. Install to a separate area (directory) so as not
to overwrite your existing OOo installation.
# *Improve the look of the our website(s)*, especially the default [landing page|]. 
Skills needed: graphic design, web design, good taste, possible svn.  Skills gained:
Markdown syntax, Apache CMS. (Also see the [Website information page|]
and [Developer FAQ|] ).
# *Help market Apache OpenOffice* by developing artwork or other marketing materials. See
the [marketing web site|] or review the [marketing mailing
list|] for more information. Get
# *Help plan the future of Apache OpenOffice.* Subscribe to the [developer mailing list|]
and apply for a [Apache OpenOffice Planning Wiki account|].
Skills needed: e-mail, Confluence wiki desirable (but easy to learn). Skills gained: Confluence
wiki, cooperation.

h2. Medium

# *Write Documentation.* This includes user guides, install guides and developer documentation.
Documentation is found in the documentation area of the OpenOffice wiki or through the ODFAuthors
To participate through the OpenOffice wiki, register for an [Apache OpenOffice Community wiki
To participate through ODFAuthors, see the [ODFAuthors|] site.
Skills needed: familiarity with Media Wiki. Skills gained: more wiki experience, group collaboration.
# *Develop a trademark approval process.* This would be used by the PPMC for external entities
that want to use our trademarks.  Write up the process, review with Apache Branding, and get
consensus on the ooo-dev list.  Add the process definition to the Community FAQ's on the website.
 Things to consider include criteria for approval and record keeping.  A good starting point
might be [this |] email.  Skills gained: greater
understanding of Apache branding requirements.
# *Write up a tutorial (or link to a good existing one) that explains how new project volunteers
should create and submit patches* (for publication on the Project website). Skills needed:
an understanding of Markdown and probably committer rights to the project website. (Already
somewhat done on the [Developer FAQs page|]
# *Write up a tutorial on how committers should review and apply patches.*  Add a
link to this tutorial from the [Developer FAQs|]
page.  Skills needed: SVN, technical writing.  Skills gained: Apache CMS.
# *Document the procedures used by the PPMC.* This would include the processes: how to elect
new committers and PPMC members, including form letters, userid generation, tracking, etc. 
Link it from the [PPMC FAQs|] page
on the website. Consider the steps that the PPMC needs to do, as well as the new committer,
so this can be a reference for both.  Skills needed: writing.  Skills gained:
Apache CMS.  Note: this task is suitable for existing PPMC members only.

h2. *Challenging*

# *Document or find tools*. Specifically, external diff and merge tools for Subversion that
can process ODF documents.
# *Fix bugs, create and update OpenOffice.* Skills needed: an [Apache OpenOffice Bugzilla
account|], subversion (svn) knowledge,
 C++ (Apache OpenOffice is mainly written in C++, though there is some code in Java and Python).
See [the Developer FAQ|] to get
# *Build ApacheOffice from source*. We can use feedback on the build process. Skills needed
include familiarity with C++, and your system's batch or shell processing capabilities. 
See the [Source Control|] page for more
information on obtaining and building Apache OpenOffice.

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