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Subject svn commit: r1342733 - /incubator/ooo/ooo-site/trunk/content/tools/dmake/index.html
Date Fri, 25 May 2012 17:06:23 GMT
Author: pfg
Date: Fri May 25 17:06:22 2012
New Revision: 1342733

Remove links to the old GPL'd sources. Point people to the new project at apache-extras.


Modified: incubator/ooo/ooo-site/trunk/content/tools/dmake/index.html
--- incubator/ooo/ooo-site/trunk/content/tools/dmake/index.html (original)
+++ incubator/ooo/ooo-site/trunk/content/tools/dmake/index.html Fri May 25 17:06:22 2012
@@ -22,20 +22,22 @@ build system.</p>
 <p>This version of <tt>dmake</tt>
 is a modified version of Dennis Vadura's GPL'ed <tt>dmake</tt>.
-original sources were available on <a href=""></a>.
+The original sources were available on
+	<a href=""></a>.
 As this site has not been reachable for some time the
-adopted this utility and is continuing its development in OOo's
-Version Control System.</p>
+team adopted this utility but all development on it has been abandoned.</p>
-<p>Added features in dmake:</p>
+The sources can still be found in the Apache-Extras site and it can be downloaded
+the stand-alone
+<a href="">Dmake Repository</a>.
+<p>Added features in dmake (outdated):</p>
-arithmetic like: <br>
+smaller/greater arithmetic like: <br>
     <code>.IF 400&lt;=200</code>
@@ -69,10 +71,6 @@ The documentation for the dmake 4.3 vers
 <h3>Previous version (4.4)</h3> 2.0.3 ships with the sources of dmake version 4.4.
-The sources can be found in the dmake directory or by downloading the
-<a href="">dmake 4.4 source</a>
 More information can be found in the
 <a href="">NEWS</a>
 <a href="">ChangeLog</a>

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