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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Sidebar Introduction
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2012 06:55:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Sidebar Introduction (

Edited by JackyLi1011:
*{+}Sidebar overview{+}*

A sidebar is a replace or an alternative to toolbar. Normally it will docked in the right
side of whole window. It can also be floated to other places by dragging the dock window title
bar. A sidebar contains two parts: panel dock(right narrow window like a vertical table bar)
and dock window(left side). Panel dock contains some buttons which is used to show/hide left
related dock window. A button is expressed with a image which indicates the function of its
related dock window. A dock window can be design for property, style, navigator, clip arts
and so on. It contains a title bar and a panel. A panel can contains several sections such
as text section and paragraph section. A section is divides two parts: section title bar and
section page.


*{+}Sidebar code view{+}*

Sidebar implementation is mainly in sfx module. Below concept is referred to for it:
|| Concept || Roles ||
| Dispatcher\\ | {color:#000000}Internally maintains a stack of objects, each representing
a context. Examples for these contexts are “document”, “view”, “text”, “table”,
“cell” etc{color}\\ |
| Bindings\\ | |
| View frame(shell)\\ | |
| Interface\\ | |
| Slot\\ | |
| Work window\\ | |
| Child window\\ | |
| Others\\ | |

For more details, refer to here: []
*{+}Sidebar creation process{+}*

1. Child window and factory registration


2. Panel dock creation


3. Dock(Child) window creation



4. Property panel creation


5. Section creation with context sensitive



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