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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Application Branding
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 17:19:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Application Branding (

Comment added by Dennis E. Hamilton:

I notice in the smaller image that the words Open and Office are closer together.  If you
can get the same thinner spacing in the larger image, you will have a pixel or two for separating
Apache from OpenOffice.  (It also looks like the metrics are goofy in the "incubating" of
the second proposed replacement.)

For the smallest of the images, I think you will need to produce it from a separate vector
graphic.  It is because fonts don't scale proportionally.  The human eye (and pixilation)
require smaller fonts to be rendered with slightly heavier weight.  Good font designs already
compensate for this but it means you need a vector graphic that specifies smaller fonts. 
I don't know if that is how you get to the smaller ones, but the problem is very apparent
in the italic "incubating" at the bottom of the logo in the third proposed replacement.  (This
is a problem that Don Knuth tripped on in his first book done with his Computer Modern fonts.
 It was fixed in his next TeX-produced book.)

It is difficult to assess these replaced images, especially for non-developers (e.g., the
marketing list) since we don't know what the original is and we don't know where these images
appear.  That is why I have been working backwards from what is actually seen by users so
we can make sure the entire context is dealt with.

In reply to a comment by Drew Jensen:
Where do the images display - actually I'm a bit lost there - it seems there are lots of duplicates
in many parts of the source tree, so there is really just a few unique images which simply
are the copied about.

Spacing between the words Apache and Open - I have been leaving this small purely because
the text is wide and in some place, for example one of the images just now uploaded, are rather
small ~100px and fitting the text in readable form is a bit of trick, so I recouped horizontal

Credite page - yes good point, someone (or ones) will need to watch over that, if it continues
(I hope so). I would think this is something to coordinate with one or more of the developers
- well, actually as a more general question to the ooo-dev ML I suppose.

and last - the type in the URL - thanks, I'll fix that..

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