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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > Changes integrate the forums into the AOOo project
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 18:49:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: Changes integrate the forums into the AOOo project (

Change Comment:
changed volunteer, admin and mod definition. Note: post count needs to be adjusted

Edited by Peter Roelofsen:
h1. Changes to integrate the forums into the AOOo project

h2. 1. Community

The forum community divides in:

* Site Admins
* Forum Admins
* Moderators
* Volunteers

Volunteers are registered users of the forum(s) with a post count of over 200 (or another
lower limit), who visit and post regularly to answer questions, report spam and in general
show commitment to the forum(s), as opposed to regular registered users who may never post
at all or post infrequently, or mostly post to ask questions. Volunteers can vote on policy
decisions just like moderators and administrators. Moderators and administrators of nl forums
also get the volunteer rank for the English forum, regardless of how often they post there.
A volunteer may lose that rank after long inactivity (but will be restored on his/her return).

{color:#ff0000}{_}CONFLICT: At the current form of the message board, a Volunteer has a binding
vote (see comment below). In the ASF world, committer votes are usually non-binding. To keep
the binding vote, every volunteer must join the PMC, which is not the usual case in the ASF
world. In ASF world, after getting committership you earn PMC-ship. (grobmeier)_{color}

Admins are persons with access to the underlying forum code and who work with the phpBB admin
control panel.
Moderators are maintainers of the board, they have access to the moderator panel, removing
spam, marking topics as Solved or Issue, editing topic titles to make them more meaningful
or removing all caps, warning people who seriously misbehave, but not applying censorship
except in case of very explicit language.

*Proposal #1:*
Site Admins need to be elected into the AOOo team as PMCs to manage the forum with the chance
of binding votes. The current Site Admins be added as PMC immediately.  Apache Infra will
control adding authorized Site Admins.

*Proposal #2:*
Forum Admins and Moderators need to be elected into the AOOo team as PMCs to manage the forum
with the chance of binding votes. The current moderators and admins should be added as PMC

*Proposal #3:*
Forum staff who are elected as PMC must subscribe to the private@ mailinglist. They need to
sign a ICLA (with real name).

*Proposal #4:*
After the initial committer "import", newly proposed moderators get the committer state. They
must be discussed and voted on at ooo-dev as this is the standard for all new committers.

*Proposal #5:*
-Moderators and administrators of the forum may give out "Volunteer" status at own will. A
volunteer is a user with slightly extended rights and can be compared to a contributor (not
a committer).- Volunteers can be compared to committer level. Therefore a nomination
and a vote must happen on the ooo-private list to add a new committer to the ASF.

*Proposal #6:*

Elected Volunteers are not at the PMC by default. After they have earned their respect as
committers, they can be nominated to join the PMC which requires another vote.

{color:#ff0000}{_}CONFLICT: Are all current volunteers eligible for the PMC? This would lead
to add 70 persons to the PMC immediately. (grobmeier)_{color}

h2. 2. Technical changes

The forum is maintained via private subboards currently.

*Proposal #1:*
The private boards are put to read only.
A new public board "site governance" is established to discuss forum related tasks. The messages
are sent automatically to a readonly mailinglist name "forum-sitegovernance@".
A new private board "private xxx" is established to discuss sensitive tasks, like for example
user behavior. The messages are sent automatically to "private@" with a specific tag \[OOODEV:forum\].

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