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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > Assigned issues to former Oracle employe
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 00:53:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: Assigned issues to former Oracle employe (

Edited by Raphael Bircher:
There are many issues that are allready assigned to a former Oracle employee. Since many of
this people are no longer full time for OOo at work, we have to review this issues. This site
will help in this review.

h2. Issues Assigned to sba

|| Bug Link || Priority || Comment ||
| [] | P3 | Seems to be solved in same
parts, but not in all |
| [] | P3 | In same parts it seems to be
solved. I asked for feedback in my issue comment |
| [] | P4 | Bug seems still to be there,
but it's a P4, so not so height priority |
| [] | P3 | Bug was not realy assigned,
no one was working on it as I see |
| [] | P3 | Issue is maybe solved. Target
is still to 3.2 |
| [] | P3 | Issue is probabily solved.
Need a to be checked again. |
| [] | P3 | Need more QA work, probabily
samething for RedFlag 2000 |
| [] | P4 | Need same aditional QA Work.
| [] |P3 |It was not realy tested |
|[] |P3 |The issue is confirmed by cloph,
but no one working on it at the moment. It's a CJK issue, so maybe samething for RedFlag 2000
|[] |P3 |Last report is from 3.0. The issue
is maybe still there. It's a CJK issue |
|[] |P3 |The bug seems to be reproducibly,
but sba seems not has the time to investegate in it. |
|[] |P3 |A Translate issue, the bug was
closed, but sameone reopen it. A pt-BR NL speaker should test it and comment this issue. |
|[] |P4 |The realy important comment commes
from mba on 2010-05. He describe the enhacement. mba put this issue to the intership programm,
so this is maybe also a task for a student. This issue is ready for development. |
|[] |P3 |This Issue is a reopened issue.
With same users make a load of noise. |
|[] |P5 |A too short dialog, it seems to
be a verry easy task |
|[] |P3 |No one is realy able to confirm
this issue, so maybe this one is to close. |
|[] |P3 |Issue is not confirmed. Need a
linux specialist to confirm it |
|[] |P3 |Issue is not confirmed yet. It
seems, that no one has investegate time in this issue. so it's probabily a easy one to confirm.
|[] |P3 |Issue is not confirmed. Special
Hardware needed. Computer with dual screen with different screen resolution. |
|[] |P3 |Issue is still unconfirmed. Special
hardware requested. Dual monitor with different resolutions. |
|[] |P3 |This issue is still unconfirmed.
It seems that no one has investegate a load of time. As I see, it looks like a enhacement.
Priority not too height. |
|[] |P3 |This bug is maybe to close, I
will take over it |
|[] |P3 |This bug hang around since 2.2.x
and it's still unconfirmed. But I have also to notice, that no one investegate time in this
issue. |
|[] |P3 |This issue is maybe not solved,
but olso not confirmed. Anyway, It need sam Dadabase specialist from Korea. |
|[] |P3 |A issue about chinese spell checker.
Confirmed by Redflag 2000 bot no one working on this issue at the moment |
|[] |P4 |This issue is about autotext and
it's confirmed. Well maybe mor a translation issue as a coding issue. If it's like that, then
it would be easy to fix. |
|[] |P5 |A enhacement about the smart tags.
It seems like a easy task |
|[] |P3 |This bug is still unconfirmed.
It's maybe needed to have a Telugu native language speaker to confirm this bug | 

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