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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > Mailing lists
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 00:30:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: Mailing lists (

Comment added by T. J. Frazier:

Your suggestion about one ML per NL is fine for new NL fledgling groups (which I hope and
expect we will get). Some of the existing groups would also fit this category. However, some
NL lists have been around for a long time and are well-organized. If they ask for two or three
lists (main, users, and maybe marketing), I strongly suggest we give such to them. They should
know what they need from their practice, better than our theory.
I also suggest that we consider "announce" lists. My guess is that >90% of our users only
want to know one thing about OO.o, AOOo, whatever (as they think of it): when is the next
release available, so I can/must upgrade?

In reply to a comment by Shane Curcuru:
Why do you even have points 2. and 3., given point 4.?

I would strongly suggest simply having a single per-NL users@ list for any existing lists
that have worthwhile traffic, and not even think about general@ lists.

If, at some point in the future, some specific languages clearly show enough traffic to feel
overloaded, then consider separate lists.

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