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Subject svn commit: r1150248 - /incubator/ooo/site/trunk/content/openofficeorg/svn-basics.mdtext
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2011 01:57:47 GMT
Author: cmarcum
Date: Sun Jul 24 01:57:47 2011
New Revision: 1150248

* content/openofficeorg/svn-basics.mdtext
(Begining): Added content links
(Overview): Changed description of 2 examples
(Committing Changes By Others): Renamed heading and added content
(Creating and Submitting Patches): Added content
(Further Information): Added section heading and content
(Bottom Links): Added links 9 through 11


Modified: incubator/ooo/site/trunk/content/openofficeorg/svn-basics.mdtext
--- incubator/ooo/site/trunk/content/openofficeorg/svn-basics.mdtext (original)
+++ incubator/ooo/site/trunk/content/openofficeorg/svn-basics.mdtext Sun Jul 24 01:57:47 2011
@@ -20,6 +20,16 @@ We use [Apache Subversion][1] for versio
 This page gives instructions on performing basic development tasks using the Subversion Command-Line
Client. This instruction assumes you have Apache Subversion installed.
+* [Overview](#overview) 
+* [Sub-commands and Abbreviations](#sub-commands_and_abbreviations) 
+* [Client Configuration](#client_configuration)
+* [Repository Layout](#repository_layout)
+* [Getting the source code](#getting_the_source_code)
+* [Basic Work Cycle](#basic_work_cycle)
+* [Committing Changes By Others](#committing_changes_by_others)
+* [Creating and Submitting Patches](#creating_and_submitting_patches)
+* [Further Information](#further_information)
 ## Overview
 You begin using Subversion by copying a directory from a remote repository to a local directory
on your file system. This is known as a checkout of a working copy.
@@ -30,11 +40,11 @@ Subversion uses a copy-modify-merge mode
 Subversion commands can be run from a command shell such as Bash on Linux. The subversion
client command is `svn` followed by optional sub-commands, options, and arguments.
-to see the program version and modules
+Show the program version and modules
     $ svn --version
-or a sub-command
+Run a sub-command
     $ svn <subcommand> [options] [args]
@@ -215,13 +225,34 @@ Only Committers can commit directly to t
 For further information see the [Basic Work Cycle][8] page from [Subversion Book][2].
-## Submitting Changes By Others
+## Committing Changes By Others
+See the [Applying Patches][9] section of the Committer FAQ page.
+Example similar to one on Committer FAQ:
-  Coming Soon
+    Issue #43835:
+    Added some cool new feature.
+    Submitted by: John Doe <>
+Using the `-m (--message)` option only allows a single line log message. To commit a multi-line
message use the `-F (--file)` option (with a previously created file) or use neither -m or
-F and an editor will be started.
 ## Creating and Submitting Patches
-  Coming Soon
+See the [Sending in Patches][10] section on the Contributors Tech Guide page.
+Create the patch file from `svn diff` where `your-patch-name.patch` is the full path to the
patch file to create.
+    svn diff > your-patch-name.patch
+## Further Information
+For more information see: 
+* [Apache Subversion Project][1]
+* [Subversion Book][2]
+* [Apache Developer Information][11]
@@ -231,3 +262,6 @@ For further information see the [Basic W

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