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From Shanti Subramanyam <>
Subject Re: exceptions/warnings during benchmark run
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2010 02:02:40 GMT
I have certainly seen the errors you refer to but my memory is bad and I
don't recall the exact solution.

One issue that everyone runs into is the fact that the filestore may not be
writable by the server process. If you run faban as the same user as
glassfish, this should work. If not, the image file creates will fail
causing the 2. error below. That error should usually result in a stack
trace in the server log. Are you sure there is nothing in the log ?
I suggest delete the filestore entirely and re-populating it if you can't
make progress.

For 1., if you can't manually login, it seems like either the database is
messed up or the driver is not in synch with it. Can you please do a SQL
query on the database and see what username/passwords you see (send a few in
email - say the first 10 rows).


On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 6:41 AM, Alexander Stage <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am running the java olio benchmark on glassfishv3 (3.0.1), jdk 1.6.21,
> (sandboxed) mysql 5.5.5 on centos 5.5. The database as well as the filestore
> have been populated  for 1000 users. The database gets populated before each
> run. The webapp runs fine when testing it manually as suggested in the user
> guide.
> The following problems occur for runs with any amount of users (25 - 1000):
> 1. During a benchmark run I am getting a lot of
> "java.lang.RuntimeException: Found login prompt at index 748, Login as X, Y
> failed." warning messages in the run log. These execptions do not seem to
> have a counterpart in the server logs. And indeed, when try to log into the
> system as user X using passwd Y, the login does not succeed. Actually only a
> very few users (the first five created in the db) are able to login. For a
> short run with 25 users (360 seconds steady state) this  behavior results in
> 1 successful logins and 178 failed ones.
> 2. Additionally I can see quite a lot of "Duplicate entry 'l88i778w' for
> key 'PERSON_USER_IDX'" exceptions in the server log that (I guess) cause
> warnings in the run log as follows: " Multipart Post did
> not work, returned status code: 500".
> Are these known problems ? Any help would be highly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Alex

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