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From Xavier Dutreilh <>
Subject Re: running Olio driver from command line
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 07:29:43 GMT

Just for your information, you can add the -x parameter at the first line of
your script to print all commands before they get run.
#!/bin/sh -x
/home/<user>/faban.1.0.1/faban/bin/fabancli submit OlioDriver default

(-e is also good to kill a script when the return code of a command is not
0, but applying this to 1-command script does not make sense ;-))



On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 6:33 AM, Vasileios Kontorinis <
> wrote:

> ZD,
>    Yes, it is doable and pretty easy actually. The way I do it is through
> fabancli (faban command line interface).
> Check
> Here is a simple script to automate the process
> #!/bin/sh
> cmd='/home/<user>/faban.1.0.1/faban/bin/fabancli submit OlioDriver default
> /home/<user>/faban.1.0.1/faban/config/profiles/default/run.xml.OlioDriver'
> echo $cmd
> $cmd
> It required that you have first run a faban through the web interface and
> created a "default" profile.
> Bottom line: fabancli submit  is what you are after and I wrote the above
> so that I do not have to type a lot every time a submit a run.
> In order to change the configuration now you need to manually change the
> configuration xml file.
> Hope this is clear.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Kontorinis Vasileios
> Phd student, University of California San Diego
> <>
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> 2010/7/18 ZD Yu <>
> I undertand that Olio is developed based on Faban, and there is a browser
>> based UI to configure and run the workload. But due to some special reason,
>> I also want to run the workload from command line. Is it doable?
>> Thanks, ZD

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