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From hao zhang <>
Subject Fwd: Question about using Olio-java 0.2
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 19:16:31 GMT
Hi, Shanti
As you said I could specify multiple drivers in the master. The
structure is like

                  /-----------driver1           webserver1
master --------
                  \-----------driver2           webserver2
Now, say I have two webservers,  in the faban harness how can I
specify that the workload from driver1 only goes to webserver1?

Also by default do the workloads from two drivers go to two webservers? Thanks.

- Hao

>> Hi,All
>> I have some doubt about using the apache-olio-java-0.2. Is it possible
>> to use one master to control multiple pairs of workload driver and
>> SUT?
>  I assume you are using the term SUT to mean the system or set of systems
> that are running the Olio application.
>> Suppose that I have four machines. Two of them are used as workload
>> driver and two as SUTs. One workload driver drives load to one SUT.
>> Can I use one faban driver to control them? Thanks.
> If you're question is whether you can have the application run on multiple
> systems (ie. two instances on two systems) with one driver running each
> server and benchmark the whole thing as one unit, you can certainly do that.
> You can run the master on any one of the driver systems. You can specify as
> many host:port pairs as you want for both driver systems as well as the web
> server systems they will be connecting to. By sure to run at least 1 agent
> on each driver system (i.e. total of 2 drivers for the above config).
>> - Hui
> Shanti

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