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From Vasileios Kontorinis <>
Subject Re: Need help in Olio setup
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 10:00:16 GMT
Sankalp hi,
With your permission I cced There might be
more users facing similar problems.
    I assume you are using linux. This might be different according to your
OS. I use Ubuntu 8.04.
The command `ulimit -a` will tell you have many open file are allowed in
your system. Look in the output for "open files".
(more specifically you can use `ulimit -Sn` for the soft limit and `ulimit
-Hn` for the hard. `cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max` might give you another number
if /proc is setup. You need to make sure that those are big enough)
I do not think the allowed number of open files is a server setting. I
believe it's a kernel setting. However, the server open a bunck of sockets,
which are treated as files by the OS so it's likely that you might run out
of file descriptors.
In my setup, in order to change that I added the lines
* hard nofile 403238
* soft nofile 403238
at the end of the file  /etc/security/limits.conf and then reboot.
(You can also change those setting with ulimit but I think will not stick
and if you restart you system will be lost, so I do not recommend it...)
For the file-max parameter you can play with it either by echoing the value
to /proc/sys/fs/file-max  or by modifying /etc/sysctl.conf
if you google it you will find many tutorial on how to increase the number
of open files. (e.g.
Oh... One more thing. I was not sure which machine in the system
(web,db,filestore) was causing the problem -- probably the web server -- so
just to be on the safe side I made the change to all of them.

Hope that helps.
Kontorinis Vasileios
Phd student, University of California San Diego

2010/6/22 Sankalp Gera <>

> Hi Kontorinis,
> I just checked the mail archives of olio and saw that you were facing
> a similar problem ( jan 2010) of requests failing with increasing
> number of users. However for me, the exceptions like 'Too many open
> files' and 'Address in use' crop up for around 125 users itself.
> The number of open files that I see is around 2200 and I have set an
> upper limit of 90000 (hard limit).
> I believe you had to fine tune your webserver to deal with this. Can
> you please help me out in this regard just pointing out the
> modifications that you needed to make or what you did to get around
> this problem and if possible can you also mail me your configuration
> file (domain.xml for glassfish) for the webserver. I have been stuck
> for last 2 days and your help in this regard would be highly
> appreciated. Hoping for a quick reply.
> Thanks,
> Sankalp

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