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From Amanda Waite <>
Subject Re: Thread safe
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 14:59:01 GMT
2010/6/9 Bruno Guimarães Sousa <>

> Hi,
> Rails application cores are thread safe since 2.2 version(
> So I
> suppose Olio's core is thread safe.

That's an interesting question and one that I can only offer empirical
evidence on. We've run Olio Rails with most of the available runtime
infrastructures from WEBrick to Passenger with both green threaded and
native threaded Ruby 1.8 implementations and we've not encountered any
issues. On some of our rigs we've run Olio on JRuby on systems with large
numbers of hardware theads.

Are Olio's gems able to work with threadsin order to achieve full thread
> support?

It's impossible to say for sure, they are off the shelf plugins (you do mean
the plugins right?)  but that doesn't necessarily mean that the versions
used in Olio have been tested for thread safety. Again empirical evidence is
all I can offer.

It's something that we can address properly when we add support for Ruby

If you meant infrastructure gems such as thin, rack and the MySQL gem then
they would be considered parts of the System Under Test and if there are any
concurrency/thread-safety issues with these then Olio is the very tool that
you need to identify them.


> regards,
> --
> Bruno Guimarães Sousa
> Ciência da Computação UFBA
> Registered Linux user #465914

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