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From Sankalp Gera <>
Subject Re: Problems with olio+faban
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2010 11:54:45 GMT
Hi Shanti,

The image and the filestore issues seem to be resolved now. Yes, they
were due to permission issues only. However the other errors still bug

error: 'Multipart post did not work'

I am attaching the relevant portion of the server log.

Actually in the above case  I used a preloaded  database.  In this
case all the AddPerson requests fail (i guess due to duplicate key
issues), however AddEvent requests succeed.

I also tried loading the database at the time of the run. In this case
all the Login requests fail (probably except those for the newly
created users during the run), whereas AddPerson requests succeed. The
error I get is

java.lang.RuntimeException: Found login prompt at index xxxx, Login as
xxxx failed.


I have the following configuration for my setup:

Machine1 -  Glassfish, faban
Machine2 -  Mysql, faban
Machine3-   Faban master

I have just copied the faban folder from Machine3 to machines 1 and 2.
I have also ensured that machines can ssh to each other without being
prompted for password.  I have set the same location for FABAN_HOME.
Does that complete the setup? I can see that the master tries to ssh
to other machine and runs the agent script.  If so then what is the
difference between 'Client' and 'agent'  in the driver tab in the gui.


On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 10:51 AM, Shanti Subramanyam
<> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 8:49 AM, Sankalp Gera <>
> wrote:
>> I am using the java version of Olio. I have deployed the application
>> and it seems to be running fine. However, when I use faban to drive
>> the workload I encounter some errors. The errors/warnings are listed
>> below for a workload of 25 users with db and filestore set up for 40
>> users.(just the initial setup)
>> 1) I cannot load the filestore from the faban interface. This is
>> usually what I get ... '/mnt/sdb1/filestore is not a directory' .
>> However I have manually loaded the filestore and olio seems to be
>> working with it perfectly. However an error is reported when I try to
>> edit my profile.
> Not sure what you mean by the last sentence above - is this related to the
> filestore load ? The only thing I can think of is some permission issue.
> What user is faban running as and does that user have write permission to
> the filestore ?
> Can you please cut-n-paste the relevant portion of the log ? If it throws an
> exception, please show the stack trace as well.
>> 2) I also get around 35-40 warnings pertaining to 'Image:
>> size 0' ..
>> Its strange because I did not make any changes to my set up and
>> earlier I was not getting such errors.
> I have seen these. I think this is related to the images not getting
> uploaded correctly in the AddEvent/AddPerson operations. You can turn on
> FINE or FINEST logging level in your appserver to track this down. We have
> lots of debug log msgs from the java olio app.
>> 3) Also I usually get significant number of warnings reporting
>> 'Multipart post did not work' when it tries to add a person.
> This is also a common error. Look at the server log.
>> 4) Also there are issues with copying of log and error files. It
>> reports that files like server.log etc do not exist when actually they are
>> there.
> Are you using glassfish ? If not, this won't work. Even for glassfish, if
> you have configured log files wilth non-default names, then things won't
> work.
> Feel free to post your run.xml if you can't make progress.
>> Thanks,
>> Sankalp
> Shanti

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