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From Sankalp Gera <>
Subject Problems with olio+faban
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 15:49:34 GMT
I am using the java version of Olio. I have deployed the application
and it seems to be running fine. However, when I use faban to drive
the workload I encounter some errors. The errors/warnings are listed
below for a workload of 25 users with db and filestore set up for 40
users.(just the initial setup)

1) I cannot load the filestore from the faban interface. This is
usually what I get ... '/mnt/sdb1/filestore is not a directory' .
However I have manually loaded the filestore and olio seems to be
working with it perfectly. However an error is reported when I try to
edit my profile.

2) I also get around 35-40 warnings pertaining to 'Image: size 0' ..
Its strange because I did not make any changes to my set up and
earlier I was not getting such errors.

3) Also I usually get significant number of warnings reporting
'Multipart post did not work' when it tries to add a person.

4) Also there are issues with copying of log and error files. It
reports that files like server.log etc do not exist when actually they are


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