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From <>
Subject A few problems with Olio 0.2
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2010 11:37:49 GMT

I tried to deploy Olio 0.2 on a bunch of KVM hosts. I used this simple
deployment scheme:
- VM#1: Database Server (MySQL)
- VM#2 & 3: Apache Olio (run through the Ruby Thin server) + Geocoder
(run through Tomcat)
- VM#4: Load balancer (nginx)

At this point, everything seems to work well. I can sign up, create
events and even make friendships.
But I noticed a few bad things:
- The event page displays an ASF licence above the Yahoo! map (see ). It seems that HTML comment tags
are missing: <!-- and -->
- When I post a comment to an event, it fails. After submitting the
form, on the next page, it says "Event does not exist." (see ). 

Are these two issues known problems? If so, does the current SVN trunk
version fix (at least) the second issue? Or should I start thinking
about an error in my Olio deployment?

Thanks for any input.

Best regards,

Xavier Dutreilh
tél. 01 45 29 48 19

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