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From Harold Rosenberg <>
Subject Memory leak in Olio/Java?
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2010 20:19:33 GMT
I have been doing some testing with the Java version of Olio (on Glassfish v3), and have noticed
that there appears to be a memory leak in the application.  I never seem to run into an out-of-memory
exception (although I may not have run long enough), but if I watch the heap with visualgc,
I can see that the tenured generation slowly fills up, and when a full gc occurs very little
space is freed.  If I run long enough, the tenured generation gets entirely full and the application
spends all of its time in gc.

At first I thought that this was due to running with the MapCache.  However the same thing
happens even if I disable caching.  From looking at a heap dump, it appears that it is possible
that eclipselink may be holding on to references to every object that it creates, although
I'm not sure that I understand what is happening well enough to be sure.

Has anyone else seen this?  I would like to be able to run for a long time, and this effectively
prevents that from working.  Any ideas on how to fix this?


Hal Rosenberg

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