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From Vasileios Kontorinis <>
Subject Re: Running ssh from as an olio tool.
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2010 20:10:14 GMT
Akara hi,
   To my understanding if I specify <dom0> in the run.xml file like:
            <fa:host>machine1_ip dom0_ip </fa:host>

Then there will be clients started in both machine1 and dom0 that will be
driving the olio workload. Right?
However, I want the clients to be driving the workload only from machine1
not dom0.

Specifically I have the virtual machines as the SUT, those virtual machines
are hosted on dom0 and I drive the workload from a completely different
Therefore, I just want to run vmstat, sar, mpstat and other tools on the
physical machine dom0, which is not driving the workload or is directly part
of the SUT. (it is indirectly cause there are vms runnign on it but the
physical machine does not have a webserver or dbserver or filestore. Those
are inside the vms)
Is this clear? How exactly can I do that?

Kontorinis Vasileios
Phd student, University of California San Diego
San Diego, CA 92122
Cell. phone: (858) 717 6899,

2010/2/24 Akara Sucharitakul <>

> It should start such collection automatically for you. Just specify the
> hosts you're driving as <dom0> and <dom1>. The harness will contact those
> systems and start the tools automatically.
> But perhaps I'm missing something. Please let me know. Thanks.
> -Akara
> Vasileios Kontorinis wrote:
>> Shanti and Akara,
>>   I am probably trying something bold :-). I want to start a script on the
>> Dom0 (I use Xen) when the steady state starts so that I do not get to
>> measure the initial setup. In other words, instead of simply vmstat or
>> mpstat on the SUT or the master/clients I would like to run something like
>> "ssh <Dom0_ip> vmstat <args>".
>> Unfortunately, in that case Olio will consolidate all the logs in one file
>> "ssh.log.<master_machine>" and it's not clear how the logs get merged.
>> A workaround would be to have separate scripts like
>> "remote_vmstat_<Dom0_ip> <args>" . This should resolve the naming problem.
>> However, Olio still does not appear able to handle ssh properly....
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks
>> P.s. I could send you some stacktraces if you feel like it :-)
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>> Kontorinis Vasileios
>> Phd student, University of California San Diego
>> San Diego, CA 92122
>> Cell. phone: (858) 717 6899
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