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From Joshua Schnee <>
Subject OLIO-Java harness runs forever - round 2
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2010 17:32:47 GMT
OK, so I'm seeing the harness just run indefinitely again, and this time it
isn't related to the maximum open files.

Details and Background information:
Faban 1.0 build 111109
Olio Java 0.2
The workload is being driven from physical Windows client against 2 VMs on a
system that is doing many other tasks.

Usage Info:
Physical Client usage : Avg ~ 22.93%, Max ~ 42.15%
Total System under test Utilization ~95%
Web avg util = 5.3%, Max =40.83% (during manual reload)
DB   avg uili = 4.2%, Max = 55.6% (during auto reload)

Granted, the system under test is near saturation, the client isn't.  I'm
not sure why the harness is never exiting.  Even if the VMs or even the
system under test gets so saturated that they can't respond to requests,
shouldn't the test, which is running on the under utilized client finish
regardless, reporting whatever results it can?  Shanti, you
had previously asked me to file a JIRA, on this, of which I forgot.  I can
do so now, if you'd like.  Finally, glassfish appears to be stuck, it's
running, but not responding to requests, probably due to the SEVERE entry in
the server.log file (see below).

  agent.log = empty
  cmdagent.log = No issues
  faban.log.xml = No issues

  catalina.out = No issues
  localhost*log*txt = No issues

  log.xml : Two types of issues, doTagSearch and the catastrophic "Forcefully
terminating benchmark run" : attached

GlassFish logs
   jvm.log : Numerous dependency_failed entries : attached
   server.log : Serveral SEVERE entires : Most notibly one where "a signal
was attempted before wait()" : Attached

Any help resolving this would me much appreciated,

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