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From Akara Sucharitakul <Akara.Sucharita...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: OLIO-Java harness runs forever - round 2
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 16:30:52 GMT
I think you have it all covered. Unfortunately, there is no single place 
  to download them all. The Faban source coming with the download is 
more for IDE use and not for building. I suggest you get the source from 
github directly.

There is a Rel1.0b branch that holds the exact Faban 1.0 image. However, 
I suggest you build from the master (which has advanced quite a bit from 

I suggest adding logs to the connect method to observe the read timeout 
setting, and adding some logs to the termination process when the 2 
minute time times out. So far I have observed them being invoked 
correctly. Please let me know what you find. Thanks.


Joshua Schnee wrote:
> Akara,
> These are (1.6.x versions of) Sun JDKs on both the client and server 
> end, so oddball JVMs are probably not the source of the Faban read 
> timeout failures.  In order to be able to better debug these kinds of 
> issues on the harness side, we are looking into setting up a build 
> environment for the harness. Toward that end, we have so far identified 
> Faban, Olio, and HttpClient source packages that we will need to 
> download and patch together.  Are there any other packages we'll have to 
> find, or is there a single point where we can download, say, a tarball 
> with *all* of the source code used to build the Faban harness?
> Thanks,
> Joshua

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