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From Kim LiChong <Kim.Lich...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: OLIO-Java issue
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2010 17:07:07 GMT
Hi Joshua,

I have seen this issue (the situation that Shanti is referring to) when 
your server resources are strained and the threads are hanging so when 
Faban tries to terminate, it cannot.   Can you try accessing the 
application at the end of the steady state to see if the server is still 
serving the incoming requests? If not, you can try taking a thread dump 
to see what your server threads are doing to understand what is 
hanging.  You might have to tune your server to accommodate the load you 
are using (i.e. HTTP threads etc.)

> You didn't say which version of olio you are running ( PHP ?) I have 
> never seen a problem such as this. Copying the alias in case anyone 
> else has.
> Can you report what cpu util. you're seeing on the server ? Is it 
> struggling perhaps and not responding ? Is this on a virtualized 
> platform ? I assume there are no other errors in the log ?
> Shanti
> Joshua Schnee wrote:
>> Akara and Shanti,
>> I'm currently running OLIO-Java and seeing an issue.  I would have 
>> submitted it to the olio-user forum, but I'm unclear if the issue is 
>> related to OLIO or faban.  In short, the run starts, ramps up, and 
>> runs the steady state without issue.  However, when the benchmark 
>> should be shutting down it runs into issues and forcefully terminates 
>> the threads and benchmark.  That said, the benchmark doesn't actually 
>> stop, it will run indefinitely or till I "Kill Current Run".  This 
>> issue is somewhat sporadic as occasionally a reboot of all systems 
>> under test will result in a clean run.
>> 14:18:04 jsclient0 INFO Ramp up completed 14:23:03 jsclient0 INFO 
>> Steady state completed 14:26:03 jsclient0 WARNING UIDriverAgent[0]: 
>> Forcefully terminating benchmark run 14:26:03 jsclient0 
>> WARNING/exception 
>> <http://localhost:9980/LogReader?runId=OlioDriver.2S&exception=482>/ 
>> UIDriverAgent[0]: 50 threads forcefully terminated. 12:42:34 sut-199 
>> INFO Killing tools
>> Additional details : Faban 1.0 build 111109
>> Olio Java 0.2
>> Thanks,
>> -Josh

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