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From Shanti Subramanyam <Shanti.Subraman...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: OLIO-Java issue
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2010 03:36:41 GMT
You didn't say which version of olio you are running ( PHP ?) I have 
never seen a problem such as this. Copying the alias in case anyone else 
Can you report what cpu util. you're seeing on the server ? Is it 
struggling perhaps and not responding ? Is this on a virtualized 
platform ? I assume there are no other errors in the log ?


Joshua Schnee wrote:
> Akara and Shanti,
> I'm currently running OLIO-Java and seeing an issue.  I would have 
> submitted it to the olio-user forum, but I'm unclear if the issue is 
> related to OLIO or faban.  In short, the run starts, ramps up, and 
> runs the steady state without issue.  However, when the benchmark 
> should be shutting down it runs into issues and 
> forcefully terminates the threads and benchmark.  That said, the 
> benchmark doesn't actually stop, it will run indefinitely or till I 
> "Kill Current Run".  This issue is somewhat sporadic as occasionally a 
> reboot of all systems under test will result in a clean run.
> 14:18:04 jsclient0 INFO Ramp up completed 
> 14:23:03 jsclient0 INFO Steady state completed 
> 14:26:03 jsclient0 WARNING UIDriverAgent[0]: Forcefully terminating 
> benchmark run 
> 14:26:03 jsclient0 WARNING/exception 
> <http://localhost:9980/LogReader?runId=OlioDriver.2S&exception=482>/ 
> UIDriverAgent[0]: 50 threads forcefully terminated. 
> 12:42:34 sut-199 INFO Killing tools
> Additional details : 
> Faban 1.0 build 111109
> Olio Java 0.2
> Thanks,
> -Josh

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