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From Shanti Subramanyam <Shanti.Subraman...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Please help test Olio 0.2
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 16:33:07 GMT
 Thanks for your feedback. I'll fix the issues in the doc. Regarding the 
CLI script for glassfish, sounds like a good idea. Why don't you check 
it into the webapp/etc directory and it will automatically make it into 
the next 0.2 build ?
Hopefully you won't find any issues while running the app/load !


Kim LiChong wrote:
>   1.   Link to GF download site should now read download GF2.1.1, not
>      GF2.1U2.
>   2. For some reason, cut and pasting the create user statement did not
>      work on my installation of mysql:
>      mysql> create user 'olio'@'%' identified by 'olio';
>      ERROR 1396 (HY000): Operation CREATE USER failed for 'olio'@'%'
>      when I removed the interior single quotes ('), it worked fine. 
>      Note that the internal quotes were OK for the permissions grant.
>      mysql> create user 'olio@%' identified by 'olio';
>   3. using with prebuilt OlioDriver.jar will not work since
>      it lacks mysql-connector jar file.  Should add a note for those
>      using the prebuilt war file.
>   4. You cannot use prebuilt war file for Weblogic users
>   5. With latest v2.1.1 GlassFish fcs version, the latest
>      Eclipselinkv1.1.2 works fine; no need to tell users to only user 
> 1.1.0
>   6. I only loaded the fileloader for 25 users but it seemed to take a
>      long time for such a small number of users but this was only
>      tested on my laptop.  I have yet to test this on a bigger system.
> This is only testing the building and testing of the application from 
> scratch.  I have not done this under load.
> I have made a script using GF CLI commands to create jdbc pools, 
> resources, JVM options that users could use as a template instead of 
> mucking around with admin interface.  Not sure if you want to add this 
> or just leave them be with the admin UI.
> Kim
>> Would really appreciate your help in testing this. If you already 
>> have a rig, it shouldn't take too much time.
>> Thanks in advance for your help
>> Shanti

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