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Subject svn commit: r722226 - /incubator/olio/workload/php/trunk/README
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 20:54:59 GMT
Author: shanti
Date: Mon Dec  1 12:54:59 2008
New Revision: 722226

Changed README to explain the directory structure and some key files.


Modified: incubator/olio/workload/php/trunk/README
--- incubator/olio/workload/php/trunk/README (original)
+++ incubator/olio/workload/php/trunk/README Mon Dec  1 12:54:59 2008
@@ -1,13 +1,35 @@
-                    Web2.0 Sample README
+This directory contains the source code for the Olio PHP workload
+and data generators. The directory structure is standard to Faban.
+The directories of interest (where source code resides) are bin, 
+deploy and src. 
-The Web2.0 sample provides a very simple example for organizing a Faban
-benchmark project as well as how to write a new benchmark. Many components
-are generic to most Faban projects. It is a good starting point to copy the
-directory from this sample to create your new benchmark. Many components
-will work with no or little modifications.
+To build, create '' from the corresponding template and
+execute 'ant deploy.jar'. Once the faban master is started, you can
+also automatically deploy the benchmark, by using 'ant deploy'.
+An explanation of the directory structure follows:
+- This file is a template for
+  that needs to exist in this directory before you can build and deploy
+  the driver code.
+  The faban.home property needs to be set to home directory where faban
+  is installed. 
+  The faban.url property needs to be set to the url of the faban master
+  where the benchmark needs to be deployed.
+- The bin directory contains workload specific scripts and executables.
+- The deploy directory contains the run parameters (run.xml) and Xforms
+  configuration (config.xhtml). 
+- The src directory contains the source code for the driver, dbloader
+  and fileloader. Corresponding shell-script wrappers reside in 'bin'.
+- The resources directory contains static files used by the file loader.
+- The config and lib directories hold standard faban content.
 - The sbin directory contains utilities to run a benchmark outside
   the Faban harness. This will not be packaged into the deployment
   jar files. Benchmark-specific scripts and binaries should be places
-  into the bin directory.
\ No newline at end of file
+  into the bin directory.

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