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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: add content to a presentation
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2014 19:36:07 GMT
Hi Ankur Sethi,

I have not worked a lot with presentation, it is usually the 3rd
applications after Text and Spreadsheet, but you may find in the Simple
API a presentation Java package.

In general - and here in particular - I would suggest to take a look
into the test packages first, like in

There are some tests opening and manipulating presentations.
When you are missing a feature you need to manipulate the XML DOM.

If you are in doubt how it have to look correctly, I would suggest to
add it in a presentation document in Apache OpenOffice (AOO),
LibreOffice (LO) or Microsoft Office 2013 (MSO15) and save it to ODP.
You may unzip the XML manually or I use JEdit (with archive plugin - do
directly access the content.xml and XML extension for indentation of the
XML by keyboard shortcut (you need to define it yourself). Advantage of
JEdit you may edit the content.xml and work on some prototype and save
the XML directly back to the ZIP (does not work with MSO15 created zip)
and reopen the document in your ODF application of choice.

Hope this helps..

PS: Sorry for the very delayed answer, I was under heavy work load the
past week and it takes the week-end to have time for this... ;)

Am 01.03.2014 00:37, schrieb Ankur Sethi:
> Thank you for the work on the toolkit.
> I have a question on how to add content to a presentation file.
> I asked the question on Stackoverflow and will reproduce it here:
> If I have a slide with the frames in a presentation, they are represented
> as <draw:frame> in the XML
> How do I access those to place an image in them? Should I use these simple
> classes? org.odftoolkit.simple.PresentationDocument
> org.odftoolkit.simple.presentation.Slide
> When I have a simple.presentation.slide open, the related methods I see
> are: .getOdfElement and .getFrameContainerElement. But I am not able to see
> how to select frames from those. When I open the XML I have the 5 frames
> under <draw:page>.
> The have attributes like: presentation:style-name="pr2" draw:layer="layout"
> thank you for any help,
> Ankur Sethi

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