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From Nicholas Evans <>
Subject Re: ODF Performance
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2014 11:34:08 GMT
PS: Corrected unnecessary object creation in the last method.

2014-01-31 Nicholas Evans <>:

> Dear ODF users,
> For a project I am working on, I am using the ODF toolkit to create
> spreadsheets that can become rather large (>10 000 rows).  I have noticed
> that as the spreadsheet gets larger, writing the rows becomes very slow.  I
> have put together a class containing 4 different ways of writing 10 000
> rows of 10 columns to a spreadsheet.  The fastest method (using
> getRowByIndex and then getCellByIndex) takes 70 seconds.  The methods that
> use getRowList and getNextRow are much slower, taking about 170 seconds
> each.  The method using the Iterator<Row> seems to freeze for large inputs,
> and doesn't behave as expected for small inputs.
> I would really like to improve this performance.  I think this could be
> done by manipulating the DOM directly.  However, it would great if there
> was a way of using the Simple API that I have overlooked that could help me.
> Does anyone have experience with improving the performance of the ODF
> toolkit in the context of writing rows to an ods spreadsheet?
> Regards,
> Nick

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