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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: Dependency on Clerezza
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2013 15:56:15 GMT
Hi Eero,

Thanks for the problem analysis you offered and sorry for the late
reply, as I had been busy to catch some dead lines about to pass by..

The dependency you refer to was added by our Google Summer of Code
student last year, who had added RDF metadata support to the ODF toolkit.

I share your opinion on the dependency that it should be avoided, the
method usage should be replaced.
The original used method was:

Instead we should use the JDK URI class (since JDK 1.4) with
toASCIIString() method, see<>

Therefore became:
        try {
            ret = new URI(ret).toASCIIString();
        } catch (URISyntaxException ex) {
null, ex);

BTW I could not find any further dependency to clerezza via "mvn
dependency:tree -Dverbose"
Nevertheless as Rob stated already, there are other usages, as the
rdf.rdfa package is a SAX-based java RDFa parser.
Still I was able to change the dependency from

The latter has a BSD license and should work out fine.

After that I had only to adjust in the, where the Assert,
which was strangely set to
and switched it into
import org.junit.Assert;

and the build & tests worked out fine under Windows building with "mvn
clean install -Ppedantic".

If there is no further protest or other suggestions on it, I would
commit the changes over the week-end.

Best regards,

Am 15.08.2013 13:06, schrieb Eero Torri:
> Odftoolkit seems to have a dependency on the Clerezza project.
> Clerezza project says that "Clerezza is a service platform based on OSGi
> (Open Services Gateway initiative) which provides a set of functionality
> for management of semantically linked data accessible through RESTful Web
> Services and in a secured way."
> Looking further where  odftoolkit uses clerezza:
> odfdom et$ grep -Rin clerezza .
> ./pkg/rdfa/ org.apache.clerezza.utils.UriException;
> ./pkg/rdfa/ org.apache.clerezza.utils.UriUtil;
> So it uses only the classes called UriException and UriUtil and only in one
> file
> Now how are they actually used:
>                 String ret = sb.toString();
>                 try {
>                         ret = UriUtil.encodePath(ret);
>                 } catch (UriException e) {
>                 }
> Transform string to another string and do nothing if it blows.
> This must be some kind of simple mistake.
> I don't see how it would be worth importing a "service platform" just to do
> URI path encoding.

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