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From Ahmed Ibrahim <>
Subject [Repo] Error message from Maven when trying to build the code.
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 15:01:23 GMT
Dear all,

I am new to Maven and actually to the tool Kit. I need to use it in my
tool very much so I started to use it and I had the dependency problem
and I knew that it is resolved but I need to buld the source code to get
the latest version. I managed to get the source code through SVN and I
started working to build the latest build on the following setup:
"Rational Software Architect V9.0" which is based on eclipse 4.2. 
Operating System; Ubuntu 12.10-  64 Bit. 
I am using SVN 1.7 and Maven 3.0.4 

I am getting the following errors for the maven different projects

"Cannot read lifecycle mapping metadata for artifact
Cause: error in opening zip file" and this is applied on the rest of the
projects as below figure

Here is the maven installation is to the maven installed on my machine
and not the built-in:

the lifecycle -mapping-metadata file is available on its path and I can
open it.

I managed to bring in the code from SVN and I imported the projects as
Maven projects but it is keep giving me this build errors. I really need
help here to get the latest build of simple.jar and the rest.

One more thing. As this is the first time to work with maven as well as
sending to this community, what is the command that build and gets the
binary jars? And where is the destination I found these jars?

Thanks & Best Regards

Ahmed Ibrahim
MBA ,Senior IT Architect, SWG Cairo Lab Services
BPM Client Solution Manager, MEA 
IT Architect Egypt Proffesion Lead
Mobile: +20 100 1615 506

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