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From Tom Glastonbury <>
Subject Required <style:font-face> elements not copied by org.odftoolkit.simple.SpreadsheetDocument.appendSheet(...)
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 10:10:27 GMT

I'm not sure if I should post this here, or simply file a bug report - this
is my first contact with the odftoolkit community.


Using LibreOffice:

1. Create a spreadsheet with a cell containing text, and set the font to
one not normally used - eg, Comic Sans. Save the document to a file. I'll
refer to this as the source document.

Using OdfToolkit-0.5-incubating:

2. Load the source SpreadsheetDocument from file and get the table from it.
I'll refer to this as the source table.

3. Create a new SpreadsheetDocument instance. I'll refer to this as the
target document.

4. Call appendSheet( sourceTable, "MyName" ) on the target document.

5. Save the target document to file.


1. Load the target document using LibreOffice. The cell does not have the
correct font, instead it's the default font (eg, Arial).


Comparing the content.xml from the source and target documents, the source
document contains a <style:font-face> element (within
the <office:font-face-decls> element) corresponding to the font used. The
target document does not.


It appears that appendSheet does copy most referenced style-related
metadata, but may not copy or create referenced <style:font-face> elements
from the <office:font-face-decls> element.

Additional Comments:

I'm using a version of the toolkit cross-compiled to the .NET framework
using IKVM, with Xerces 2.11 and Xalan 2.7.1. This is why I've not provided
a java code example. Apart from the the issue above, everything I've used
so far works well, so I have no reason to suspect that the .NET conversion
is to blame.

Many thanks,


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