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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: EXTERNAL: Re: Anyway to build the source using something other than Maven?
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 06:41:53 GMT
It should work for your case.
You check out the sources, build them with Internet once. Maven will
download all dependencies. Afterwards copy your Maven directory (usually
<USER>/.m2 directory - configurable) to your place without Internet.
You will not only have the binaries, but as well dependent sources and
JavaDoc (zipped as JAR).
If you would have used ANT (or any other JAR based mechanism), you would
still need to download the dependent JAR. In addition Maven is checking
the JAR's signatures, which not every developer does or tends to forget.
If you still want to develop, you have still the option to install
yourself a local Maven repository, we did this once as well, there are
several instructions on the Internet.

PS: If there is still a problem to build without Internet, for instance
if an XML schema is required to be downloaded for every build, it is a
bug and have to be fixed. And AFAIK subversion as a centralized revision
control system does not allow commits without Internet as GIT or
Mercurial does..


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> Because I am using a system that does not and will not every have access to the public
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