Hi Devin,

Sure, here is my little test case.
I don't know if I can attach files to the mailing list, let me know...

Generate.java creates a odt file using Simple, and Read.java reads it using ODFDOM.

After generating and opening in LibreOffice the picture is stretched vertically and overflows to the right.
If you manually insert the picture in the next Cell: "Insert > Picture > From File ( Link == true )" , then the picture is sized correctly and an external link is used.

I would like to generate an odt file with pictures of type "external link" and retrieve the link while reading.


On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 4:33 AM, Devin Han <devinhan@apache.org> wrote:

Simple API supports automatically sizes the image to stay inside the cell,
no need insert frame by yourself.
Could you share me you test case? Maybe there are some differences.

2011/12/5 ikeamanual <ikeamanual@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I am using Cell.setImage() and the image is larger then the cell, it
> overflows the cell boundary.
> I have a table with 2 columns. If I do the same in LibreOffice is
> automatically sizes the image to stay inside the left column.
> Do I somehow need to insert a Frame into the Cell?
> thanks,
> Jan