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Subject Fw: [odfdom-users] odftoolkit threadsafe ?
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2011 19:11:42 GMT
Hello Colin,

We're in the process of moving the project over to Apache.  I'm forwarding 
your question the users list for the new project. 

You should probably subscribe to that list to receive any responses.  You 
can send an email to to 

Archives are here: 


----- Forwarded by Robert Weir/Cambridge/IBM on 08/16/2011 03:07 PM -----

From:   Colin Clausen <>
Date:   08/16/2011 06:00 AM
Subject:        [odfdom-users] odftoolkit threadsafe ?

I am trying to load two documents concurrently and I am running into
endless loops again and again.
The reason seems to be a corruption of the HashMap mElementTypes in the
Class OdfXMLFactory, which causes the call classCache.get(odfName) to
infinitely loop within line 303 of HashMap.
However I cant even find where the Hashmap gets modified, the method
setOdfElementClass in OdfXMLFactory seems to be unused ?

My best guess to fix this is to replace all the HashMaps by
Is anything known about this problem ?

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