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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Ideas for Growing the ODF Toolkit Community
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 16:11:36 GMT
On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 1:08 PM, Leonardo Alexandre Ferreira Leite
<> wrote:
>> Ideas for Growing the ODF Toolkit Community
> Hi guys,
> I'm new here in the list.
> I have submitted a bug report [1], and a question about it (I'm trying to
> fix it).
> But no reply was given to me.

I think what you discovered is accurate.  What I do in my code is
start with a document template, an ODF file that has my default styles
already defined.  Then my code loads that document, modifies it and
writes out the final document.  I think it is is a lot easier to
manage styles in OpenOffice than in Java code.

> I know it was not an easy question, but maybe replying newcomers
> is a good way to help "growing the whole thing".
> And I'm sorry if I did not pay attention to some required rule...

This is a good point.

> Just a note: a new release would be great...
> I could not use the current versions downloading the JARs,
> because there are some crazy dependencies that brings trouble (I did not
> remember exactly the problem now).
> The only way was downloading the repo, mvn install,
> and declaring dependency on my project's pom.
> By the way, a "maven release" would be great too
> (using an online maven repository).

Someone (Svante?) published the libraries to Maven Central here:|ga|1|g%3A%22org.apache.odftoolkit%22

But that looks like an older version.


> thanks,
> Leonardo Leite
> [1]
> On 1 January 2014 16:09, Rob Weir <> wrote:
>> I'd like to see if we can grow the community a bit more in the next
>> month or so.  We've been a very quiet project compared to some.  We
>> have just two public mailing lists, no blog, no new articles written
>> about us.  If we can better publicize the project then we will grow.
>> I think of a pyramid.  At the base are the users, those who get some
>> benefit from using the ODF Toolkit.  Some fraction of the users will
>> contact the project, maybe submit a bug report.  They also help spread
>> the word about the project to their colleges.  Some fraction of these
>> "engaged" users will then send a patch or express interesting in
>> helping with the project.  That's the next level up on the pyramid.
>> And some fraction of those developers will become committers.
>> The idea of this analogy is if we grow the base, we grow the whole
>> thing, including contributors and committers.
>> So a suggestion on how we can make a big advance:
>> 1) Let's get out a new release in January.
>> 2) In parallel we can revise our "get involved" page:
>> For example, do we have any specific ideas for what new developers
>> can/should work on?  Obviously bug reports. But do we have a "wish
>> list" of possible enhancements/features that we should list?  It makes
>> it easier for a new volunteer if we can point to some ideas.
>> If others can contribute ideas I can edit them on the website.
>> 3)  To attract more users we need an up to date tutorial or demo.
>> Maybe what we have is fine?  Or do we need something "sexier"?
>> 4) With the new release I can help publicize the Toolkit and the
>> project on my personal blog.  And we can all help in this area with
>> Twitter, etc.  If we want we can request a project blog via
>>  This have many readers as well.
>> Any other ideas?
>> -Rob

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