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From Florian Hopf <>
Subject Re: Ready for a new ODF Toolkit release?
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2014 16:47:39 GMT
On 17.01.2014 17:50, Rob Weir wrote:
> With a little push we could have a release before Fosdem.  That would
> be good to mention there, if we had a new release.

That's an ambitioned target but we could at least try ;)

> I'll volunteer to be the Release Manager for this release.  I don't
> have anything I need to urgently get into the release.  I'll update
> the copyright date, for example, to 2014.  But I have no additional
> code planned for this release.

Thanks for stepping in as a release manager. I hope I have written down 
everything correctly in the release guide at

I think we need to take extra care to get the Maven repository release 
right this time. The project should now be set up correctly to do most 
of it automatically.

I'll try to help you with the release as good as I can.

> If anyone else has something that they'd like to get into this
> release, please speak up, so we can give time to integrate and test
> before the release.

Is there still an unresolved issue with the licensing of the new 
dependency or has this been solved outside the list? This is the thread 
I am referring to:


Florian Hopf
Freelance Software Developer

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