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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: Source Normalization
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2013 14:24:18 GMT

I have added the plugin behind the rat plugin under <build><plugins>, it
was triggered during my test by just building the project.
There had been a lot of changes and the line indent formatting was
exactly as the IDE Eclipse is using it.
I agree I would prefer to use a source formatting plugin that could be
used by Netbeans as well, as the Netbeans IDE has a different source
code formatting than Eclipse.

My 2cents: I do not care about formatting, I would love to have this
kind of "changes noise" out of my way when merging branches.

Any other suggestions to solve the problem in a different way, for
instance via a different Maven Plugin?

Kind regards,
Am 14.09.2013 11:00, schrieb Oliver Rau:
> Hi guys,
> Just my two cents to this topic.
> I agree with Ian on this one. We should agree on a format first (e.g. use
> spaces over tabs with a width of 4, plus e.g. a statement like "besides
> that we follow the java guidelines"). This format can then be applied in
> any way that fits for the developer (editor or build). In addition we could
> provide formatters for eclipse as well as netbeans. If code checkins don't
> meet that requirement the community can reject them unless there are good
> reasons. Having that kind of tooling with the build, should be for
> convenience and manually triggered, forcing a styling during build or
> checkin might lead to unwanted results as it might do things that a
> developer doesn't foresee.
> As a rule of thumb, whenever I need to work on a unformatted file, I format
> it and check it in with the remark "just reformatting" and then I do the
> actual work with a new checkin.
> Kind Regards,
> Oliver
> On Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 5:17 AM, Ian C <> wrote:
>> Hi Svante,
>> On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 7:44 PM, Svante Schubert
>> <>wrote:
>>> When comparing the current sources of the ODF Toolkit with the sources
>>> with my branch by a text compare, I got a lot of "change noise",
>>> triggered by different indentation methods being used by Netbeans and
>>> Eclipse.
>>> Annoyed by this a long time, I gave it a try and tested successfully a
>>> Maven Tool that allowed the Source Normalization before building the
>>> sources.
>>> You may test it by adding it to your build plugins (behind the RAT) in
>>> the pom.xml:
>>> <plugin>
>>>     <groupId>com.googlecode.maven-java-formatter-plugin</groupId>
>>>     <artifactId>maven-java-formatter-plugin</artifactId>
>>>     <version>0.4</version>
>>>      <configuration>
>>>         <lineEnding>LF</lineEnding>
>>>     </configuration>
>>>     <executions>
>>>         <execution>
>>>             <goals>
>>>                 <goal>format</goal>
>>>             </goals>
>>>         </execution>
>>>     </executions>
>>> </plugin>
>>> After using this in both frameworks, I could far easier identify the
>>> differences.
>>> My plan is to add this to my branch and the project and do a commit
>>> without any further changes, end of next week.
>>> Any comments are welcome.
>> I tried the plugin and eventually discovered that in order to run it I
>> needed to enter the full goal...
>> mvn
>> com.googlecode.maven-java-formatter-plugin:maven-java-formatter-plugin:format
>> Which was not immediately obvious to me.
>> But looking at the changes via my SVN client I see just about everything
>> has changed.
>> Things like - from the GraphicsDocument class
>>     static final Resource EMPTY_GRAPHICS_DOCUMENT_RESOURCE = new
>> goes to
>>     static final Resource EMPTY_GRAPHICS_DOCUMENT_RESOURCE = new Resource(
>>                         EMPTY_GRAPHICS_DOCUMENT_PATH);
>> Whilst I am not too fussed about it,is this what we want? Looks like it
>> must be applying a line length wrapping?
>> Do we need to figure out an agreed format? Are there some canned formats to
>> choose from?
>> Did you see as many changes? Checking in the reformat will affect almost
>> all files (3 skipped)?
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Svante
>> --
>> Cheers,
>> Ian C

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