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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Re: Deploy the release artifacts to Maven repo
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 09:59:18 GMT
On Wed, 19 Jun 2013, Florian Hopf wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback. I already tried to upload the artifacts 
> manually but Nexus is complaining about missing signature files (which 
> we don't have for the individual jars as we are signing the zip file). I 
> will try again and also have a look at how other projects are handling 
> this.

The lack of signatures on the individual jars is a bit pesky, but not the 
end of the world. I think creating those for the voted-on jars would be 
the best way out

> The correct way for us would be to stage every release candidate in 
> Maven as well (doing a mvn release for every candidate). These staging 
> repos can then be dropped if the vote is not successful or promoted if 
> the vote is successful. Unfortunately that is not what we have been 
> doing.

I believe that a lot of projects using a different repo to allow people to 
test the maven artifacts, and promote them. I don't know enough abou 
tmaven to be able to help on that though... For POI we generate the maven 
artifacts at the same time as the download ones, vote on the whole lot, 
then copy the maven ones to the magic place on from 
which they end up on maven central


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